5 Places to visit around Eastbourne

It was kids half term holiday (back in February and I know I am bit late to publish this post) and we hadn't planned anything. Suddenly while going through the internet, we came across with some beautiful landscapes in East Sussex, Eastbourne. Then it was no stopping for us to know more about the lovely countryside, beautiful beach and children's zoo and park nearby which is Drusilla Park. We visited few tiny and lovely villages around Eastbourne too. Overall the visit was worth with both days being sunny and the weather was brilliant too. We gave 9/10 for the visit and would not hesitate to recommend to others to visit this lovely place which is just under 2 hours drive away from London. It's a town with seaside resort and borough in the non-metropolitan county of East Sussex on the south coast of England, 19 miles (31 km) east of Brighton. 

So here are 5 beautiful places we visited in Eastbourne.

Alfriston and Cuckmere valley:

We headed towards Drusilla Park the next morning of our arrival at Eastbourne. We still had a couple of hours to spare somewhere before they opened so we decided to head to Alfriston Village. Alfriston is surrounded by the Wealden South Downs and the South Downs Way passes through the centre of this historical village. Around the village, visitors can enjoy our famous church (The Cathedral of the South Downs). The village is very beautiful and peaceful. We loved it. Kids enjoyed it a lot too. There are fine dining family restaurants and local cafes and pubs around.

Drusilla's Park:

Drusilla Park is 20 mins drive away from Eastbourne centre. We entered inside at 11am. There is a plenty of car park spaces. Kids were very excited and so we adults were. Widely regarded as the best small zoo in Europe Drusillas Park offers a fun finding-out day out. It have brilliant play areas including Go Wild! Go Bananas! and Amazon Adventure. Plus a splashpad, Hello Kitty Secret Garden and African-themed three-ride attraction Go Safari. It's not just an ordinary zoo .This zoo has huge play area for children with nice cafes and restaurants. There are many animals to watch and this is no doubt the best zoo for kids.

Eastbourne Beach:

After visiting Drusilla Park we headed towards the Eastbourne beach. The beach was very beautiful. Eastbourne offers more than 3 miles of vast shingle beaches offering sand, and in some cases rock pooling opportunities, at low tide. We were blessed by the weather, it was sunny and bright at the beach and our kids had great fun with the low tides. 

Beachy Heads:

After having loads of fun in Eastbourne Beach we headed towards the Beachy Heads. It  is a chalk headland  situated close to Eastbourne, immediately east of the Seven Sisters. The view is great from the top of the cliff as you can see entire Eastbourne town and beautiful sea sides. There are plenty of car park spaces and if you love adventure you can jump from the cliff in parachute too. After spending a couple of hours we decided to head back to our hotel and called it all for the day. The visit was super adventurous and memorable.

Firle Beacon: 

Next day we were returning back to London but decided to visit Firle Beacon on the way back. Firle Beacon is a hill in the South Downs of southern England. It is 217 metres high and is a Marilyn. We saw lots of sheep grazing and people riding horses and cycling. There were few bed and breakfast around. The top of the hill is a beautiful spot to have picnic or do cycling. Our kids had lots of fun while they enjoyed the great view from the top of the hill.

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  1. These places are amazing! Would definitely visit in the future. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

    1. Hello, What kind of collaboration you are taking about ?

  2. You can check out the offers in our Collaboration section at Phlanx! https://phlanx.com/collaborations You can also check us out at IG: @phlanxglobal

  3. Drusilla's looks so much fun. Exactly the kind of place I'd want to take Erin.

  4. Drusilla's looks great. Exactly the kind of place I'd like to take Erin.

  5. I'll have to check these places out if I'm in the area next. We love anything with animals

  6. I've never been down that way but it looks as though there is so much to do! I will bear it in mind on our next travels!

  7. I've never been to Eastborne before. Drusilla Park looks like fun.

  8. We've never travelled to this part of the country. It looks like there is plenty to do, I like that there is a great variety of enjoying nature at its best and some more commercial attractions too.

  9. Eastborne is a bit far for us to travel just for the day but I'm keeping it in mind for future holidays! Thanks. :)

  10. Oh we've been to Drusilla's Park and loved it there, but would love to visit Beachy Head

  11. We haven't been to Eastbourne in years, but Drusilla Park sounds like somewhere our grandsons would enjoy visiting.

  12. Eastbourne looks like lots of fun. It’s been years since we’ve been. There’s so much to see - it’s a great place for a weekend away with kids if you love the coast 😊