Feeling Unproductive? Check Out These Boosting Tips

Are you suffering from a lack of personal productivity at the moment? You’re not the only one. As a result of recent events, working from home can cause a low ebb for a lot of people. When you’ve only got yourself to regulate your hours, and there’s no one breathing over your shoulder to ensure you stay on task, your productivity level can dip. 

And even when you're back in the office and only remote working every now and then, the issue can persist. So now you feel listless, and like you’re unable to achieve results anywhere in your life! And that’s what the tips below are for; if you’re feeling unproductive, here’s how to put the pep back in your step.

Do One Thing at a Time
You might want to multitask, seeing as you’ve been feeling unproductive lately. You want to get as many things done at once as you can - that’s only natural! However, the more you split your focus like this, the less likely you are to do a good job. And that’s not productive, even if it feels like you’re doing a lot.

Get Practically Comfortable
If you want to do more things during the week, make sure you’re dealing with that inner sense of discomfort. It’s likely to be stopping you without you even realising it! After all, if you want to go running in the mornings more often, but it's the rainy season, buying something like a Fujin touchline coat will keep you dry and mobile at the same time. Make the task easier and you’re more likely to have the motivation to do it! 

Curate a Working Space
Getting work done when you’re at home is hard without a dedicated space. You’ll be dealing with a lot of distractions if you haven’t separated a quiet space for yourself. It’s why working on the sofa tends to be quite bad for you, as does working in your bedroom.

So set up something physical to divide either your living room or your kitchen into two, and then put your desk and PC behind this divider. If you don’t have a spare room that can be converted into an office, this is what you’ll have to work with! And if you do, you might just notice your ability to work from home get a lot easier. 

Practise More Self Care
Self care ensures you’re in the best frame of health and mind. If you’re not practising some self care on a weekly basis, you’re not going to get any more productive any time soon. And self care can count as any task that makes you feel better, such as cleaning the house. If it’s beneficial to your overall health, get it done and then see how you feel. And yes, you can use this as an excuse to visit the spa for a massage!

If you’re feeling unproductive, tackle the feeling from the inside out; this will help you find success.


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