Carters Steam Fair

This is our second time here at Carters and we can't get enough. This time also they have bought all there best rides including new mini octopus ride. If you buy your tokens online you get a fantastic package deal including free rides. They are available until 24th April in Prospect Park, Reading from 12-8 and on Saturday, they are open till 10 for the fireworks 💥 Here are few pictures from the funfair.

You should also stop by and Take the time to admire the beautiful artwork on the rides – all of the lettering has been painted by hand: no fancy computers or design software. No masking tape and air brushing, just paint, brushes and a lot of love and attention! Fairground art is often painted over with the latest designs of the day, but Carters are keen to preserve the original designs for future generations. They pride themselves in restoring the artwork to look as bright and bold as it did when it was first created. It is rare to find so many authentic examples of fairground art in such fantastic condition in real working life.

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