Healing patches for cold sore

Do you suffer from cold sores?
My outbreaks are often caused by a drop in the temperature and the cold wind, but they can also be triggered by hot sunshine, stress and a weak immune system. They’re really common, I know loads of people who get them, but they still bother me sometimes and in the past I felt embarrassed. It’s silly really, we should embrace our imperfections. 
Thanks to Compeed, I can at least minimise the spread of the virus when I get one. COMPEED Cold Sore Discreet Healing Patches are designed to discreetly protect cold sores by acting as a shield to reduce the risk of contamination and, thanks to ultra-thin hydrocolloid gel, provide a moist environment to help reduce scab formation.
Below are my pictures to see a step-by -step guide to applying them.  
Available to buy at major outlets, including Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Lloyds Pharmacy.
Or you can buy direclty from Amazon.


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