NatWest Island Saver Game

The earlier a child learns about money, savings and investment, the better money managers they will become. Such skills help children to understand the difference between earning, spending and saving, making them better money managers who’re able to budget. It also helps children understand the value of money at an early age and help them make better financial decisions. We as a parents should not hesitate to teach our children the value of money and the positive side of it's saving. Children are watching and learning from our money habits everyday, so I have been teaching my children the ways to save money. Also I want to thank NatWest for launching the new game called: Island Saver, which is fun and educational game for children aged 7-12. Aarush been playing this game and understating the value of money. And I am glad that even Aarvin is learning something new alongside his big brother.

Island Saver Game:

Island Saver is a free educational video game launched by Natwest that allows kids to learn while playing. Understanding the value of money from an early age is very important and that's what exactly this game is all about. It lets your child play the role of Bionaut, tasked with cleaning the Island which has piles of rubbish and slime to earn coins. As you play, you will need to wash away gloop, collect litter, earn coins and rescue bankimals - special animal who live on the Island as living piggy banks who will help you save the Savvy Island and make things good again. As they unlock various level, they explores more fun and educational environment and will encounter numerous money mission, where kids learn about earning, saving in the bank account, taxation and EVEN foreign exchange.

Kids these days come into contact with gaming world much earlier so as a parent it is important to assure that we are letting them play but in a healthy way and let them play the games that are educational and fun at the same time. Island Saver is a non violent game, in fact it teaches kids about earning and balancing.

Resources for parents:

Natwest website have also released activity sheets for parents to help shape your children's financial future. It guide your child through important money questions and for more background on the idea behind the game.

Island Saver game from NatWest is free to download & available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Suitable for those aged 7-12.

Disclaimer: This is a paid partnership post sponsored by NatWest but however all opinions remain my own.


  1. Such an amazing initiative to teach kids about the value and importance of money and savings x

  2. The game is fantastic. My kid has learnt so much about banking and saving just by playing the fun Island Saver game. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  3. I like any game that will engage child and have educational aspects as well , This game looks exactly what I am talking about and I can clearly see boys happy face too .

  4. I love the idea of learning about money from the early age. Sounds like brilliant game.

  5. Sounds like a great game. I will have to check it out for my boys. They used something similar in school last term, I think it was from RBS though.