Zimpli Kids Review

Ewww … No way !! That's most of the parent reaction when kids demand to buy a packet of slime. But it's an Easter half term holiday and holidays are meant to be fun so everything is allowed, even the messy play. Zimpli Kids have kindly sent us three packets of their playtime kits to try out and kids are a bit too excited to get started.

It was a great messy and sensory play activity. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child's senses like touch, smell, movement, smell, balance, hearing and sight. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction. The products are suitable for children over the age of three, however I allowed my youngest one as he is 2 years 11 months and celebrating his birthday next month :)

Frankly speaking I was scared before because both of my kids suffer from eczema and dry skin conditions but when I came to know they are made from no harmful chemicals and  kind on skin I was okay with that. 

We started with Slime Play So to activate this slime, we need to pour the packet into the bowl of water and simply stir it, wait for few minutes and it is ready to play. I suggest you 2 things here: firstly, make sure to put a disposable cloth or a plastic bin bag on the table, it will make cleaning job much much easier and secondly you can use small bowls and pour a small amount of powder, and save few for next slime play. Zimpli kids slimes are 100% degradable and remaining slime can be flushed out in the toilet. 

Next was Gelli Baff. Although it is popular for bathtime fun, we decided to play it in a bowl for now. Again the process is same to activate. Pour the packet of Gelli Baff into the bowl of lukewarm water and stir with your hands. you will instantly get the textures and they almost spend hours playing with it. Aarush loved playing with slime and little Aarvin love Gelli Baff. 

This Gelli Baff packet contains two small pouches of powder. Step 1 pouch make the Gelli Baff and step 2 pouch to dissolve the goo back to liquid and then drain away. And when I poured water on that bowl I felt amazing sensation while touching that. So I again decided to put them into bath with remaining Gelli Baff Powder. Kids said water was ticklish and they enjoyed it a lot.

Gelli Baff , Slime Baff and slime play can be found at Zimpli Kids, as well as other fun products for children.
We were kindly send a free packets to review here on @happylifewithanuma

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  1. Oh this looks fab. My littlest is obsessed with slime!

  2. We had this too and gave ours to nursery for them to use for sensory play.

  3. This looks like so much fun and it's always a good idea to get children to try playing with new things and textures.

  4. This definitely looks less messy than other slime play I've seen. I'm sure my friends kids would love this x

  5. This looks like something my girls would LOVE!

  6. This is cool. The fact that you can add something to make it go away is very attractive to parents with young kids. My 3 would love the slime!

  7. We have not done sensory play for such a long time, this looks like a lot of fun and less messy.

  8. We had some of this to review too. Didn’t get on with the gelli baff but the slime was fun xx