Review : The Weekend Box

We always run out of the indoor activities during the weekend and both of my kids are really outgoing. I want to spend more time with them doing some great crafts together - because football is not my thing :) And exactly on the time Weekend Box Club got in touch asking if we would like to try one of their Weekend Box, and I agreed straight away because i really loved the concept behind it.

The weekend box club is a fantastic collection of activities for kids starting from age 3+. The box includes a booklet with all the information about and the theme, instructions and extra activities. It have  2 different subscription boxes depending on the child's age. They mainly focus at age 3-8 with various activities like make, bake, explore and more :)

Aarush decided to start with salt snowflakes, which includes a glitter glue pen and water colour paints and enjoyed it a lot. For this activity, you'll need to trace the lines on your template using the glitter glue. This is great for your fine motor skills and requires a lot of control and patience.

And the other activities were Rocky Road Snow Bites, Icy Tealight Holder and Pop Up Penguins. Aarush is not feeling well as he have asthma and he is wheezing also so I kept it in safe place so that we can make all activities next week.

It's easy to find things to do this weekend with your children when you're a member of the Weekend Box Club. Hattie, Wooster, Sammy and Oswald send you just what you need for a box full of fun kids activities each weekend. For more information you can join the club : The Weekend Box !

We were kindly send a free box to review here on @happylifewithanuma


  1. These boxes are a great idea. My children are a little older and they are so busy at the weekends I’m not sure they’d have time for crafts

  2. These weekend boxes are a great idea, a friend of mine gets a monthly box for her daughter and she loved it.

  3. This sounds like a great way of keeping the kids entertained indoors. We could definitely use one when it's raining!

  4. What a great way to let our kids enjoy. My kids would enjoy this weekend box for sure.

  5. Oh I love this idea! It can be hard on the weekend to entertain the kids, especially if the weather is bad!

  6. I've heard great thing about this box - looks so much fun