Shrek's Adventure Review

Last weekend, during kids half term holiday we were invited to experience Dreamwork Tours:  Shrek's Adventure and also invited to be the first to meet the newest member of the Dreamworks family, the Light Fury, from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames beside the London Eye. The nearest Tube Station to the venue is Westminster and Waterloo and if you are travelling by the car, you can park in Waterloo Car Park. We have paid £9 for 3 hours.

Shrek's Adventure Experience

Shrek's Adventure is all about interactive and immersive walkthrough experience, where the whole family can step into and star in your own hilarious misadventure with Shrek and his DreamWorks friends. You can also  see, hear, touch and smell the adventure by exploring 10 fairy tale themed live shows, collecting the special ingredients that you will need in order to find Shrek. 

So, when we entered the Shrek's Adventure we met different characters from the movie, all dressed up. Then we had a picture taken by the staff at the door and had a little brief about the tour. No camera, No photography - just enjoy the show. We started with a Dreamwork magical tour bus which was 4D film experience. I was so scared for my little one who is 2.5 year old because the sound was too loud for him and it was his first 4D experience but I was wrong :) he was scared when it started but enjoyed it later. Then we kept on moving from one room to another with different adventure where we met Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, Muffin Man and more characters where they perform small gameshow like stints. At the end of the tour the children are able to have a meet with the big man himself and can pose for photos with him. Frankly speaking I was bit scared at the dark maze of mirrors which was like a confusing glass labyrinths. I literally closed my eyes while walking but it was just for a minute.

It was a great experience for both of our kids. Although my little one is just 2.5 year old but he also seems to have a great time and enjoyed the adventure. One Disappointing part is we can't take buggy with us, so we have to carry our little one through out the adventure.   

Meeting Light Fury

Before Sherk's Adventure, we first met the newest member of the Dreamworks family, the Light Fury, from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The Light Fury ​​​​​is a medium-sized Strike Class dragon and a close relative of the Night Fury. We were little bit late at the event so we missed the first part but however we met all the character. We even bought Light Fury home :) How ??? We got goodie bag with Light Fury plush toy.

Disclosure: We were invited to review the Shrek's Adventure however all opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks a fun day out if you're a Shrek fan! My two aren't that familiar with Shrek but looks like you had a good day!

  2. I have heard so many good things about this. I’ve been meaning to have a look around for a show near me.

  3. Shreks adventure sounds like a lot of fun - and 4 d ! wow it still amazes me what technology is capable those days

  4. My kids loved Shrek, we watched all the films so many times. I must think about heading to the Shrek Adventure next time we are in London.

  5. We do love Shrek in our home and this would be a hit with my nephew, love how interactive this is

  6. That looks like fun. We took our littlest grandson to the aquarium a couple of weeks ago and popped into the shop as it's just next door and he came out with a small cuddly toy! :-)

  7. Oh wow, this looks like such a fun event to attend! :D I love HTTYD so I would have loved meeting a Light Fury - I've not seen the new film yet. Shrek is a big hit in this household too !