Autumn walk in Regent's Park

When you have two kids that also boys who are super duper active, then it becomes really hard to keep them home all the time. So guess what is our second home - Yes it is Park. We love to explore all the parks in and around the London. And autumn is here, which I think is the most glorious time of the year, we can't sit back home. And it is also really important to give our children time to do the outdoor activities which obviously develop their physical, mental and emotional development. 

So this weekend we visited Regent's Park, which is one of my favourite park. It lies within north-west London, and provides wide varieties of activities for everyone. We had walk around the Queen Mary's Garden, also known as a Rose garden. It is London's largest collection of roses with approximately 12,000 roses planted in the garden. We were quite late to visit, as July is the most appropriate time to visit the Rose Garden but still in October the roses were mesmerizing. And then we had  a walk over Avenue Gardens and made some wonderful autumn memories. Hope you like it :)

Do visit Regent's Park with your kids, friends and family. Its simply beautiful.

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