Study time with personalized book :)

And here is Aarush's early birthday surprise gift - Where next, teddy?? His birthday is on 12th of May, and he will be 5, so planning for some informative and interactive gifts for him this time. And we came across this book from ... Where next, teddy?? which is personalized bedtime adventure book for the little one :)

It is really important to set them a habit of reading everyday as it plays a huge impact and influence with the kids view things. And the most important thing is making read enjoyable. I have never thought of making a personalized book for Aarush but I am really thankful to Chapterful for sharing the idea.

So basically Where next, teddy ?? is a personalized story book which create a character that looks just like your little one. And to make it more fun and adventurous we could personalized it by adding their own name as a main character, set their hair colour, add glasses and even wheelchair ( if they use one). How amazing is that? 

So are you ready to experience a new book fun for your little one? And they also make the perfect gift and smiles are guaranteed with this stunning and unique storybook.

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