Pizza Express Pizza Making Party

So this week was a bit exciting for not only me, but for my kid also because we have attended pizza making party with Pizza Express. Yeah!!

Visiting pizza express is always a great idea and it's even better when you get a chance to roll the dough, add your favourite fresh ingredients, add some cheesy cheese and make your own choice of pizza. Recently I have visited newly revamped pizza express in Westfield, White City which had a magnificent makeover with a new stylish look. The revamped pizza express draws heavy inspiration from White City Stadium's illustrious history with the Olympic Games, has a exciting new colour scheme, smart new banquette and booth seating and a pendant lighting.

We were welcomed with a glass of prosecco and dough balls / kids with glass of apple juice. I meet lovely other bloggers and its always exciting to meet new people and share the experience together. After few sips we were invited on the floor by our teacher (i must say) Gosha and Daniel. We all have our own station of pizza making where we started rolling the dough (not an easy job though). They taught us all step by step process. It was really fun moment and hardwork too :)

Then next step was to add tomato paste and all the flavours of our choice. We have two pizzas. Lucky us. So we added all our favourite toppings. Olives, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, chicken, spinach, jalapenos and loads of cheese. I cheated on aarush telling that green thing (spinach) is most important topping of pizza. If you don't put that topping, they will not give you pizza :) Sorry aarush mama have to lie sometimes ... for a good cause.

So here we are bunch of good people showing off our pizza.

Well overall it was really good experience, starting from the scratch, adding up your own toppings, learning all the basic knowledge about pizza making and improving your cooking skills. All thanks to our teacher Gosha and Daniel and of course Pizza Express for inviting us.

So, if you want to be the part of Pizza Express ' Pizza Making Party' then click below:

Its perfect for hangouts, corporate events, and of course birthday parties for adults and kids as well. Make sure you book one with them for your next event :)

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