Operation saves Rishabh Ghimire, Eight Limbs Boy

I just came across this news in one of the magazine in UK, because its a story from Nepal. I would like to share it with all of you.

Born to dad Rishi and mum Januka in January last year, Rishabh is one of 200,000 children afflicted with the rare condition annually. Rishabh was born with a massive growth attached to his stomach. It occurs when twins fail to separate in the womb and the less developed body remains attached to its host sibling, leeching energy to remain alive. Time was running out for Rishabh, who would certainly have died without the operation.

In a new TV documentary that tells the fascinating story, Januka is shown struggling as she picks up her screaming son and his parasitic growth before the surgery has taken place. She says: "He is my little king, but he can't eat and he cries all the time". He is so thin and he gets sick day and night. When I first saw Rishabh I didn't know what to think. "We were confused as we had never heard or seen anything like it before. "Some villagers believed Rishabh is the divine reincarnation of a many-limbed Hindu god, but superstitious locals call me a witch and mother to a living ghost. "When people say nasty things it feels horrible. As a mother I cry on the inside. I put on a brave face, but it troubles me."

Without surgery Rishabh risked death because the killer twin was placing a severe strain on his heart.Luckily, through children's charity Mending Kids International, leading US paediatric surgeon Dr James Stein agreed to conduct the life-saving operation at Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

Operation went on for five hours. An exhausting five hours later, Dr Stein rests the two large body parts on a surgical table. He says: "In this line of work it's pretty unusual to be handing a whole part over to a scrub nurse. "In this case it was a good feeling. We knew we were removing something that shouldn't have been there." Afterwards the two pieces are taken for examination, while little Rishabh is rushed to intensive care.

Ten days later, Januka and Rishi choke back tears at a final meeting with Dr Stein, when it is confirmed Rishabh can go home. Free from his twin, the tot has even started to crawl for the first time. Januka says: "He seems so happy now. He won't stop playing and moving around. Before he couldn't even get to his knees. Now he can wear ordinary clothes and there's no stopping him." Tears well up in Rishi's eyes as he thanks the doctor for helping his son. He says: "Thank you so much for everything. "You have given my child new life. I'll never forget my time in America. This has changed our lives and Rishabh has completely transformed.

"He has a new happiness in his life. It's so beautiful."

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